The year gone by had its own set of challenges, none greater than ensuring the safety of everyone concerned. Having said that, firms and organizations faced an unprecedented & precarious situation that might not have raised a lot of eyebrows and expectedly so.

The world is still coming to terms with everything that’s been thrown at it. Being better off now opens up the opportunity to dwell into this issue concerning employee training and onboarding through the virtual medium.

It has not been smooth sailing by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the organizations functioning in an all digital…

We are a fascinating kind! Trying all our lives to abide by a fixed set of rules, societal norms of right and wrong, but anyway ending up where we had no intentions of going in the first place.

To think of it, a lot in our lives isn’t controlled solely by our activities like we’d want to think. Like it or not, these drivers of change limit the influence we leverage on ourselves. By large, we know all of this, but having the most sophisticated brain amongst our ancestral competitors doesn’t help. Yes, we are control freaks. And of course…

Quantifiable might not be complete — why this stress on data driven decisions!

Today’s firms are becoming technologically savvier by the day. Every little detail is being captured electronically. In this era of “data apparently being the new oil”, changemakers are milking every possible opportunity to make the most out of available resources. New softwares, analytics and dashboards are influencing every meeting and subsequent processes. Something that cannot be proven via a graph will not sell!

I see a pretty fundamental challenge in adopting this approach. Aren’t we narrowing down on our line of thought with this ambition of data centricity, letting intangibles and immeasurables slip out of the equation. …

Life as we know it has tremendous possibilities, all within the realm of our physical existence. Challenges at every step of the way, opportunities to grasp, and move ahead. Take what comes in your stride is one way of realizing our potential, others might limit themselves to a more nuanced approach of pick & choose, trying to comprehend the outcomes of the decisions on their future selves. We, as humans, possess this innate and extraordinary ability of mindfulness, of thought, and we try to find what’s best for our survival. Or so we think!

With unparalleled ambition in our veins…

Roshan Mishra

Beginnings are humble, enlightenment awaits

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